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Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab means “Arab Tower.” It is an impressive building known for its unique sail-like shape. It is located on an artificially created island. Incredible views of the Persian Gulf and Dubai attract many tourists from different countries. The interiors of the hotel are designed in the style of modern elegance and the services offered include upscale restaurants, spas and private beaches. The 321-meter-high sail is made of fiberglass coated with Teflon; during the day it reflects light from the sun, and at night it turns into a huge screen with a unique light show projected on it. Distance from the city center – 15 km, from the airport – 25 km.

“Burj Al Arab” is also known for its high level of service and expensive interiors. 8 thousand square kilometers of the building are decorated with golden leaves, LG company launched the production of golden TV sets, and even hair dryers of the familiar Valera brand are covered with gold.

The Parus Hotel has the tallest lobby at 180 meters, and 24,000 square meters of marble was used for decoration.

Residents can use the closed sandy beach, comfortable gazebos to relax, deck chairs, umbrellas. From the beach, guests can enjoy stunning views of the Persian Gulf. Only those who rent a room at the hotel can get to the beach.

Burj Al Arab Restaurants

The Parus Hotel is famous for its restaurants. The exquisite cuisine offered in them will satisfy the most fastidious tastes of gourmets. The hotel offers a variety of styles of cuisine from traditional local to international. In addition, many of these restaurants offer stunning views of the city and the Persian Gulf, making lunch or dinner a particularly memorable experience.

There are 9 in total, we’ll tell you about the most interesting ones.

Al Mahara

Translated as “Oyster.” The nautical theme starts with an elevator made in the form of a submarine, it will take guests to a large hall decorated with aquariums, where many rare species of fish live. The menu features original traditional seafood dishes, and the average cost of lunch is $160 per person.

Al Muntaha

Translates to “The Supreme.” It offers a variety of French cuisine.


Translated as “pure”, this is emphasized by the Swarovski crystals that are used in abundance in the interior of the room. It serves international cuisine.

Bab Al Yam

Bab Al Yam can be translated as “Gate of the Sea”. It offers a beautiful view of the Persian Gulf through panoramic windows. Here you can try European cuisine.


Sahn Eddar

Sahn Eddar means ‘living room’ and it really does make you feel welcome. Here you can try traditional local and European dishes. Marble finishes delight guests at the bar.


Guests can enjoy a magnificent view of Dubai. At night, many people gather here to admire the gorgeous view from the large windows.

Visiting Rules

The artificial island in the sea is connected to the shore by a long bridge. At the entrance is a guarded checkpoint with security guards. The tour usually includes excursions to other famous places of the city, and not always with a Russian-speaking guide.

If you wish to visit a restaurant, please note that a table must be booked in advance online.

The cost of lunch per person starts from 60 dollars. Security will only let you in by your reservation number. Most of the restaurants are located on the first floor, so you can tour the lobby and interior of the first floor. Restaurant guests will not be able to access other floors without a reservation (but you can still try to inquire at the front desk).

Rooms at Burj Al Arab Hotel

Booking a room will open up the widest range of possibilities, immersing you in a world of true grandeur. Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai offers a wide range of magnificent 2 level suites that provide the ultimate in comfort and luxury. The size of the smallest is 170 square meters and the largest is 780 square meters.

Each suite is decorated using only the finest materials and finished in a subtle and refined style. The hotel also has exclusive Royal Suites, which provide an unrivaled level of luxury and privacy. All suites at the Burj Al Arab Hotel provide views of the Persian Gulf and the cityscape.

Residents can enjoy all restaurants and lounge bars, indoor beach, swimming pools, fitness center, SPA, free access to the Wild Wadi Water Park.

Each guest is welcomed with a traditional Arabian ceremony called “marhaba”.

The price of the room starts from $1250.


“Burj Al Arab” is more than just a hotel on the Gulf Coast. Over the years, the yacht-shaped building has remained one of the most frequently photographed landmarks.

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