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We invite you to an exciting journey through the unique Dubai! Discover Wave team is happy to welcome guests to this fantastic city of skyscrapers, artificial islands and luxury resorts. Dubai is amazing and unique!
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Abu Dhabi

Welcome to an exciting journey around Abu Dhabi with Discover Wave team! We are happy to welcome you to the luxurious capital of the UAE and guarantee a vivid unforgettable experience from a comfortable tour.
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Welcome to an exciting adventure to Fujairah in a comfortable car! Discover Wave are ready to make your Fujairah trip unforgettable and full of fun. Join us and discover new horizons!
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Welcome to an exciting adventure to Sharjah - the pearl of the Orient by comfortable car! We know every corner of Sharjah well and will be happy to share interesting facts about its rich history and modern life.
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We are happy to welcome guests to one of the most beautiful emirates of the UAE and are ready to show its most interesting and picturesque places. Discover Wave team invites you to a unique adventure to Ajman, filled with beauty and cultural discoveries.
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We invite you to an exciting trip to the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah! Discover Wave team guarantees vivid impressions of the beauty of this picturesque emirate with rich history and culture.