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Excursions in Sharjah

Welcome to an exciting adventure to Sharjah – the Pearl of the Orient in the comfort of your car! The Discover Wave team promises you a unique experience of the magic of this magical emirate, which combines majestic skyscrapers and delightful cultural treasures.

Our trip is designed for 2-4 guests, and of course we can organise a tour for up to 6 people by providing a comfortable minivan. Join us to enjoy not only the comfort of the journey, but also the unique views that Sharjah has to offer.

Don’t worry about the itinerary or navigation – our experienced guides will be with you throughout the journey, making every moment exciting. We know every corner of Sharjah well and are happy to share interesting facts about its rich history and contemporary life.

Choose a convenient time for your tour – we will adjust to your plans to make your Sharjah journey unforgettable. Discover Wave invites you to discover new horizons and enjoy an authentic experience of this amazing emirate!