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Dubai Aquariums: a world of marine life

Dubai aquariums: a world of marine life

The world of marine life in Dubai impresses with its splendour and diversity. It offers a unique opportunity to plunge into the mysterious depths of the ocean and discover a world that seems so distant and unreal. Aquariums in Dubai are true masterpieces of engineering achievements that can surprise and inspire every visitor.

There are several impressive aquariums in Dubai that attract thousands of adults and children every year.

Dubai Aquarium

One of the most famous aquariums is located in the popular Dubai Mall. The aquarium and underwater zoo is the real pride of the shopping complex, which is amazing in its size and variety of marine life. Dubai Aquarium occupies 2 floors and offers many interactive opportunities for visitors of all ages to get acquainted with the underwater world.

From tiny fish and crayfish to huge sharks and rays, the most exotic inhabitants of the oceans can be found here. Dubai Aquarium offers a unique series of animal encounters specially designed for visitors. Guests can meet a crocodile, visit cute and funny penguins, observe the playful behaviour of an otter, touch and feed stingrays, watch feeding presentations for stingrays and sharks, and take a ride on a glass-bottom boat.

If visitors are attracted to the world of sharks, you can meet a shark trainer. He will talk about sharks and show their skills. For visitors who want to experience the ultimate extreme experience, Dubai Aquarium offers a unique opportunity – scuba diving, snorkelling and specialised cage diving.

Dubai Aquarium is not only a place for outdoor activities, but also a true learning centre. For young explorers, the aquarium offers an extensive educational programme with a variety of exciting classes and interactive lectures. Here every visitor can expand their knowledge of the unique marine environment and contribute to the conservation of nature.

Dubai Aquarium is a unique place where fun, education and adventure come together. This unforgettable journey will leave only the brightest and fondest memories.

Aquariums at the five-star Atlantis Resort Hotel, Palm Jumeirah

The aquariums at the five-star Atlantis Resort Hotel, Palm Jumeirah are a magnificent blend of art and nature that captures the imagination and leaves an unforgettable impression on guests. These stunning aquariums are the centrepiece of the hotel, offering visitors a variety of exotic fish, coral reefs and other marine life.

The Poseidon Underwater Suite, located at a depth of several metres, is the ideal choice for those who dream of immersing themselves in a world of underwater beauty. This room is a true masterpiece of architecture and design, offering a unique view of the ocean and its inhabitants right from your room.

Atlantis is also famous for its famous underwater restaurant, Ossiano, which is certainly one of the top places to eat in Dubai. This unique restaurant offers guests not only a delicious menu, but also an unforgettable view of the surrounding underwater world. Sitting at a table, underwater, guests can enjoy a luxurious atmosphere and a magnificent view of the variety of marine life.

The aquariums and underwater restaurant at Atlantis Hotel, Palm Jumeirah is a mesmerising place where every detail has been carefully considered to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience.

So, if you want to dive into the world of marine magic and see the huge variety of animals that inhabit our oceans, visit Dubai and discover the beautiful world of marine life that lies behind the grand facades of this city.

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